Bow-ties ‘re back alright!

Many times have I asked myself, what makes someone differs from the crowd and adds something extra to his looks?

The answer is simple: A trademark symbol, duh!

From Justin Timberlake to Sean Connery, as James Bond and from Korean singer Psy to Abraham Lincoln, bow-ties are widely popular and in the cases above, an personal style mark!

bow tie boys

The tie has always been a business man best friend, but after years locked in the drawers and trunks, the bow-tie made its comeback, and its a better seller than Kesha’s songs! It became especially popular for boys wearing short pants, Eton suits as well as sport jackets and shorts during the 1940s— ’60s, presumably when clip-on bow ties became available.

Bow ties tend to be associated with particular professions, such as architects, attorneys, university professors, teachers and politicians. To sum up, bow-tie was a “total must have” for the 20th century geeks. Ring any bells? Today’s ultimate symbol of geek is bone eyeglasses and bow ties combined with colorful-almost-knee-high socks and 40’s haircut.

Don’t hesitate to follow the current style, it’s hipster kind, but still it’s fashion. Avoid one-color bow tie, expand your shopping horizons and buy a polka, a striped, or a plaid bow-tie. All bow-tie pattern add a sophisticated look to a simple jeans shirt, which totally rule the fashion industry today. They fit great with suspenders, leather shoes and old fashion watches.

polka dot bow tie

(red polka dot bow-tie)

plaid bow tie orange brown

(plaid orange bow-tie)

striped bow tie

 (striped blue bow-tie)

Bow ties have also made their way into women’s wear, especially business attire. The 1980s saw professional women, especially in law, banking, and the corporate world, donning very conservative tailored suits, mostly skirted suits. These were often worn with buttoned-up blouses, some with pleats up the front like tuxedo shirts. Today a skinny bow tie is been considered an elegant look for girls, specially with a high-waist skirt (the higher-the better) and high heels (again, the higher-the better).

As for me, I absolutely adore bow-ties (kinda obvious, isn’t?), especially my blue jean pattern one. I own nearly a dozen, but this one is my favourite! You don’t need a formal attire to wear it, just clip it on a plain shirt and let it do all the fashion work! You better avoid combine it with vest, since it’s a little bit striper material. Keep your vest for T-shirts and ties!

blue jean bow tie, sky blue bow-tie, fashion attendant

blue jean pattern bow-tie, bow tie, reading newspaper, fasionattendant


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