Canoe Kayak

Northern Sweden by summer it is an amazing place to be, with daylight for almost 20 hours and plenty of outdoor activities, you can really enjoy a close encounter with nature. The blue sky filled with clouds and the tall green trees reflecting on the deep wavy lakes, they seem like a Monet’s painting and you can’t help it, but be in awe of the wonderful landscapes. And all those were more than enough for my friends and me to have a canoe kayak mini trip. Likely we were three on the boat and no one ended up wet and all of us knew the code-word “hjälp” (~yelp) in case of an emergency! 😛 That vast blue sky was my inspiration apparently and I’d dressed up in blue as well! I like matching different hues of one color with an other vivid strong color or pattern.

The light blue jeans match with every pattern or color (expect black) and you can wear them in all seasons. Because they are not regular denim jeans that can be combined with all kinds of shoes, but a lighter version of ’em, they do match with a palette of converse, vans or athletic shoes. But I think those would be enough.





The good thing about the blue color is one of the easiest colors that suits with everything. I usually like to combine it with all kinds of brown shoes – beige, ecru, dark brown and camel – and multi-pattern shirts.


Yeap! That’s art!




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