Su-spend a little time with me

Suspenders, the belt’s eternal enemy, but a great friend of mine!

While they have been in and out of fashion over the last century, there has been a brief revival in interest, due to the latest styles seen in many Hollywood actors and of course the first one, who introduced it, American newscaster Larry King. Years ago Leonardo Di Caprio made a fashion statement on “Titanic” (1997) embodying Jack Dawson, a penniless artist from the early 1910’s, representing the middle class style of that era and some years after Jude Law starred on “Cold Mountain” (2003) as a wounded deserter from the Confederate Army and he truly marked out  the suspenders look of 1860’s. Darren Criss (“Glee” cast) and Matt Smith (“Doctor Who” cast) are two young actors that are loyal to their own geek chic style.

famous suspenders

famous suspeders 2Suspenders or braces fit perfectly both with ties and bow-ties, with a plethora of shirts and T-shirts. They are two kinds of suspenders, the ones that button onto the waistband of pants and the ones with the clip-on. Suspenders have found their places among fashion statements both in suits, and also in the casual world. For a casual look you can pair your suspenders with a T-shirt and jeans. And if you want to fashion it up a bit, try a vintage T-shirt. And if you own whimsical, colorful, or themed suspenders you can pair them with a single colored shirt. Suspenders, because of their construction, encourage better posture by pulling the shoulders back. But it can be a fashion troll, if they’re mixed with different fabrics and patterns.

Now, in the pictures below I’ve pair the buttoned suspenders with a plain white T-shirt due to pants’s particularity. These pair of pants are tricky ones, but they can easily stand out with a jean shirt, either light or dark one. I love the leather detail at the button end and I’ve combined it with a pair of leather greek sandals. Also looks great with converse shoes!






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