Love? Objection your Honor!

Oh, love! The motivational action that rules the universe. We grew up with fairytales about the handsome prince with white horse, who saves the guarded princess and kills the dragon. So many love stories, with heroes, kingdoms, fights, different worlds, forbidden romances, suicides, kisses and they-lived-happily-ever-after endings. From Disney’s cartoon Pocahontas & John Smith to Romeo & Juliet, from Antonio and Cleopatra to Orpheus and Euridice, and from Odysseus and Penelope to Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt Bukater (Titanic). Some stayed together forever or got married, and others got separated or died. In all cases one thing remains present and solid: “Love


But what exactly happens, when we fall in love? Why love is so important? Do we win or lose in love? Love is one the strongest feelings, it starts as a physical inner inquiry, but it ends with multiple emotions. Love can not be described easily by words, love knows no definitions, no principles, no morals and true love knows no limits and boundaries. It is quite common, when you fall in love, you get to focus on feelings, behaviors and situations you want or need and not the ones you should. In most cases, love is activated by a snap look, an attractive smile, or even a deep show of interest. People have this inner need to be liked, cared and loved and when that happens the automatic mechanism of love is activated. Entrapped feelings within us get released and shared, and in addition to that we become receivers of forceful experiences. Stomach’s butterflies, hearts skipping a beat and shinning days (even when it’s foggy).

love verse bible corinthians

Love has no specific duration, it may last for several years or even for a few hours. Some people fall in love and spend their lives together when others may experience a shorter version of it, but it lacks no power and passion. Being in love is about being passionate. Usually we are passionate about a hobby, a project, or even our job, but what happens, when you are passionate about a person? You surrender, you give in, you fall…in love! Love works in mysterious ways. Love changes your mood, makes you happy, saturates you with vivid and powerful emotions. But love does way more than that. It lifts you up, it inspires you and sometimes love refines you. Love can really transform you, but love has an other face as well.

love umbrella

All emotions are inner feelings that can not always be trusted. Love can consume you, exhaust you and in some cases love can destroy you. When we fall in love, we simply take our eyes out of ourself and we set them on others. We neglet the way we look and take care of our body. We have the tendency to give and express all this love-burden and we don’t check if we’ve got anything back. We don’t care about ourself and our inner balance anymore. The person you fall in love with, gains your whole attention and consequently equal time with friends and family is no longer possible. All your best interests and needs are turning into common activities. And here comes jealousy and possesiveness. The fear or the stress of betrayal and infidelity is always lurking around. The worst scenario regarding love wouldn’t be the actual feelings coming to an end, but the realisation that you, being in love, have lost yourself.

falling love, holding hands

But as Shakespeare once quoted:

“Love is heavy and light, bright and dark, hot and cold, sick and healthy, asleep and awake – its everything except what it is!” (Romeo and Juliet, Act 1, scene 1)

Love is a double side coin, there are good things and bad things. It lies on your maturity and competence to understand its realm and get involved. One thing can be said for sure, love is a unique feeling with unpredictable journey, there’s nothing else like it. You can really expand your emotional and mental horizons through love and it is a great opportunity to get to know yourself better. But if you want to make it right, you have to put the best of you in it.

So the question is, are you ready to be in love?

But remember, whatever you may love it would be used against you…