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If someone would ask me, what was this summer’s fashion trend for men, I would definitely say – and point out every fashion catalog – that it was totally a tank top season. There’s no question about that. Tank tops have really mastered this summer, all kinds: striped, solid, with graphic designs and sayings. All stores are well equipped with a very wide array of different styles and brands of tank tops. Numerous colours and types with various length and textures. Say no more, got my friend Nick and set an urban photo shoot, presenting the different kinds of tank tops. tank top zaratank top zaraBack in the early 50’s, the American actor Marlon Brando introduced the tank top on the big screen in the movie Streetcar Named Desire (1951) – at the time known as sleeveless shirt. They were quite popular in the 1980s and were stereotypically associated with surfers and bodybuilders (hence the name “muscle” shirt) who often bore the logo of their gyms on these shirts. Few years ago, famous rappers monopolized their appearances wearing extra loose tank tops, but today, tank tops are open to the public.

tank top h&mtank top h&mThere has been a resurgence lately in the trendiness of the tank. Believe it or not, they come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. But let’s start, by explaining what the tank top is and what we mean when we use the term “tank top”. It is essentially a sleeveless t-shirt, however, most modern styles differentiate it from traditional sleeveless t-shirts by altering the straps in some way. Its origin goes back in 1968, when it had named after its resemblance to a “tank suit”, a type of one-piece women’s swimsuit with shoulder straps.  The tank top is a very popular item that is worn by both men and women and is commonly seen in settings as diverse as sports gyms, beaches, parties, or just out on the street.

tank top holes tank top holesTank tops for men are among the most versatile garments in anyone’s wardrobe. They can be worn as athletic tops or as undergarments. The broad range of different tank top types are proper for lazy days at home or fashionable-night-out styles, combined with an unbuttoned shirt or jacket suit.

tankt op h&mtank top h&mtank top h&mInteresting facts about tank tops, found online:

  • Tank tops are much more popular for guys on the West coast (this makes sense climatically)
  • Tank tops are considered cool in mega hipster circles (come on, join our hipster cult)
  • Tank tops look much better on  attractive guys (so does everything…)
  • Tank tops should not be worn by “skinny” guys
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Brainshot is an Athens based ready to wear label, which derives from the urban style and minimalism with an underground touch. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, as far the general idea is concerned. The inspiration does not only come from online culture, but from key components such as viral videos and music as well. The high quality fabrics, in combination with the geometric prints, creates the Brands ethos and the aesthetic language, which the owner of Brainshot wanted to share with the public.APPROACH
The ideal icon of a complete style is for Brainshot the most important thing to accomplish. Both,men and women, are considered to be the stars of its catwalk in order to show how minimalism and simplicity can rule in a such complicated, full of problems world.
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