Brownie for you sir?

Brown pants are timeless classic, that will never go out of style. They are the perfect neutral for suits and other workplace wear, but they are also a great look for casual wear. Brown comes in many shades—from khaki to dark chocolate—and with so many options, you are challenged to find a flattering shade you will love and make a good impression. But choosing what to wear with brown pants, can sometimes be a frustrating endeavor, because the standard color of brown goes better with light and pale colors instead of dark ones. Usually white, green, yellow, red, blue, purple, magenta and orange are the colors that be considered as a great or a safe match. I ‘ve read many articles and posts online, talking about matching hues of brown trousers without looking like a clown. To start with, clowns do not wear brown pants, so you don’t have to worry about that.

brownpleatedpants5brownpleatedpants6Clearly all of us own at least one khaki or brown pair of pants, and lets be honest, most of us have been wearing these pants with light blue, pink or white shirts! (Are you nodding along right now?) What if we could make a difference by wearing these pants with a denim shirt. Last year, denim or jean shirts was all over the place and they’re still making their way within the most known stores. A denim shirt is always a safe option that matches with… well, everything. So, why not your brown pants. Attention should be given though on the shoes. Avoid black shoes or strong colors and try all kinds of brown, off whites and blue shoes of course!brownpleatedpants2brownpleatedpants1Brown is a very professional look for the office. It is a lighter, warmer neutral color, not as dark as black or as drab as grey. Brown suits make excellent work ensembles for both men and women. Brown pants look great with natural earth tones—perfect for when you want to feel one with nature while you are sitting in your office. It is almost amazing how this earthly color matches perfectly with all shades of blue, even blue jeans. As it was mentioned in past posts, I love bow-ties and it was a great chance to attach this colourful detail. These skinny bow-ties were meant to be combined with those outfits. They add a classy style and a more fashionable perspective.brownpleatedpants4brownleatedpants

The same styling works also great with lighter colored pants such as khaki pants (beige)! Usually combined with a blue or pink shirt, these pleated pants can really make you stand out of the crowd. They’re perfect worn as a business attire, giving a less firm look highlighting your mood. If you want to look cool on your first date try them with a colorful T-shirt or a polo shirt and this particular color combined with a fitted hoodie and a stripped or plain shirt can totally be a positive comment collector.khakipleatedpants7brownpleatedpants

Khaki has a fascinating history. In the mid-1800s, British soldiers in India began dyeing their white uniforms to a dusty color using “Cutch” a derivative of the khair-tree or catechu  as a form of camouflage. The dye created the color khaki an Indian word for dust, earth, and ashes. Khaki colored articles were reserved for military wear only. After WW1 wearing it was prohibited by US law. When US soldiers returned to civilian life post WW2 they continued to wear their military khaki colored chinos especially to college where it became an important part of the preppy look, especially when worn with button-down shirts and penny-loafers. Khaki colored chinos began to be commonly worn by angst ridden teenagers in high schools as a form of rebellion as most schools had dress codes prohibiting wearing jeans. Khaki the color was so common that the pants which are really known as Chino’s were also called khakis.khakipleatedpants3khakipleatedpants2

FYI: The name khaki is sometimes also used to describe a drab green color. In the mid-twentieth century as many Western militaries adopted an olive drap instead of the older, more brownish khaki, the two color names became associated with each other. In French, German and Greek, for example, “khaki” refers to a much darker olive drab-style military green.khakipleatedpants1

Whether it is tan, khaki, dark chocolate or black coffee, brown is an earthy, flattering look that is great on everyone. If you are ready to warm up your wardrobe with some earth tones, then it is time to pick up some brown trousers. And there are many ways to mix and match them, what is your favorite?


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