Preppy Little Liars

September already, the cruel month of exams, reading and back-to-school activities. Moody weather and rainy days add more layers of clothing to our outfits. Shirts, jackets, vests and college sweaters all mixed up! Speaking of college, one thing comes to my mind, besides books and teachers, the preppy look. Preppy style is all around this autumn, from the streets to the runway. Misfit prepsters featured the small screen on shows like Revenge, Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl.preppy stylepreppy style

Preppy fashion started in the late 1940s and 1950s as the Ivy League style of dress. Ivy League is a style of men’s dress, popular in the Northeastern United States, and said to have originated on college campuses, particularly those of the Ivy League. The Ivy League style was the predecessor to the preppy style of dress. This particular style is epitomized by the sack suit which is defined as a 2 buttoned blazer without darts, pants typically cuffed and without pleats, shirts with button-down collars and penny loafers. The new preppy though, has been twisted from the classic Ivy style. This season, preppy items include bow-ties, straw hats, repp ties, slip-ons, bare ankles, rolled up pants and the all time classic denim fabric blended in all kinds of clothes.preppy stylepreppy style

Fashion today is all about blending different styles and not always following a pattern. This renewed preppy style has borrowed lots of different trends from hipster and punk style. It is not about playing it safe anymore. A common preppy hairstyle is the shaggy look or the fluffy look, or hair just parted on the side and short. Lately, many preppy guys are going away from the long hair styles and back to traditional shorter hairstyles. Think the 1940’s and 1950’s crop top and crew cut. No unnatural hair colors or shaved hair. Long chain necklaces and leather wrist bands are accessories that can definitely highlight a preppy outfit.preppy stylepreppy style loafersDark rimmed glasses are totally geeky, adding a more sophisticated tone. Lately though, Buddy Holly styled glasses have been making a comeback as a ultimate fashion trend. If you wear nothing but preppy clothes, then this would completely work well with a nice cardigan or sweater.preppy 4 preppy stylepreppy style

The preppy look is basically a neat, well-balanced, put-together look that can be achieved by combining the right colors, patterns, and accessories. It is never trashy, mall-trendy or overdone. Simple, classic, and clean.


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