Would you like some orange juice?

Numerous times I have asked this particular question in flight! Most of responses were positive! But let’s cut to the chase here. Soon enough the fifty shades of grey will flood our closet. Grey is black’s competitor during the cold winter. As the temperatures begin to drop, our mood find refuge in total grey or black outfits. Sometimes though, our inner desire to express our positive emotions, drives us wearing something more vivid. So, what about orange? Orange is a very high energy color. Wearing orange is fun and can make you feel quite playful. Artists love dabbling with orange hues. Because of its highly-charged intensity some people cannot comfortably wear this color. Adorning yourself with an orange accent piece can add a hint of playfulness.orange orange 4

The spring runways were practically a citrus festival—Lacoste’s sporty clementine separates, Versace’s mandarin power suits, Marc Jacobs’s mimosa-colored silks. Orange is vibrant, it’s energizing…and you may be wondering how to pull it off without looking like a can of Fanta. Simple: Bring it down a notch with a neutral color, or let it meet its match with the vivid complementary shade of blue. Orange comes and goes. It was very fashionable in the 20’s 60’s 80’s.orange 1 orange 9orange 3

Here’s the thing about this trend: I absolutely love the orange color. I love eating oranges. I love orange things like basketballs, flowers and pumpkin pie. Orange is a bright, fun color associated with bright, fun things. All that to say, pulling off an orange piece of cloth can turned up a very tricky thing to do. The wrong orange color can wash out your skin and make you look pasty and sick. One the other hand, orange cheers you up and shows you have confidence. Those with dark, olive, or tanned skin can pick from the whole Tropicana spectrum. The paler among us fare better in shades with a pink undertone, like coral or poppy.orange 2orange 5

Usually when girls want to express their happiness, chose to wear something pink or yellow. Ok, orange may never be the new pink for them, but who cares? Us guys can totally work it, by fashion ourselves up with some orange. What pink is for girls, orange is for guys! Pink reflects the joyful mood though and not the level of dumbness (girls don’t hate me, I’m just stating the obvious)orange 8 orange 6 orange 7

You want to be noticed? Stand out in the crowd? The opportunity is here by wearing the hottest fashion color, orange. Marc Jacobs, Thakroon, Nanette Lapore, Sophie Theallet, etc. are a few designers offering a variety of styles in shades of orange. Join the new trend by adding some chinos, jackets, shirts or bow-ties! And remember, orange is good for your inner health!


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