We found love

Is our world a place for love? Does love fit in our everyday life? Can we be in love and be safe at the same time? Love is all about taking chances, expressing warmest feelings, having the same target, love is all about us. We are made of love, and made for love. There is love in everything, in giving birth, hugging a friend, kissing a lover, honoring a parent, respecting ourself. Love is all around us. Even if we can’t see it, love is there. In the deeps of the ocean, in the heart of the universe, in the clearing of the lavish forest. There, in that clearing. An abandoned trailer (RV) was left alone, for years. Nothing to offer, no trips, no place to sleep or to cook, dead. Flat tires, broken glasses, crippled machine, trash. The sun was about to set, when out of a sudden, a young couple walked into the clearing, they must have been wandering for hours in the forest, with no place to rest. They weren’t poor or gypsies, they were hippies. Hippies? In our days?Abandoned trailer RV hippiesHippies34

They both stood amazed in the presence of that RV. At that time they knew. They both sighed with relief. They have found what they’re looking for. Were they looking for an RV? For this neglected and destroyed trailer? No, they were looking a place to host love. Love was dwelling within them, but they couldn’t just wandering around carrying the burden of love. They were after a place to rest their love.hippies 2hippies4

Everything moves so fast today, time, youth, fashion, careers and dreams. Everything is under change. Change is not optional, it is mandatory. In a world with a terrifying rate of moving, we need a place to rest. A safe place! An RV of our own. Like an oasis in the desert, like a refuge in the war, like an umbrella in the pouring rain, this RV was the suitable scenery to find peace. They had love already. “Peace and love” is not randomly hippies’s motto! Love is the inner will to surrender in our feelings and peace is the right time, place and way to establish that emotion.Hippies 1hippies3

Time and time again, we manage to find someone to share our heart with, but what about finding the right time and place to do so. Expressing what we feel is quite healthy, but knowing when, where and how is the key to happiness. This van wasn’t about the right place, or a mutual friend from the past to those hippies, it was the common communication code, the meeting point, the perfect timing for them to share what they had been carrying all this time. It is this moment of the day , you come back home from work and your spouse smiles at you, it is this cool and romantic walk in the park on your second date, it is the flower bouquet you get on your anniversary, it is this tender affectionate touch you get when you are sitting on the couch. It’s not the tender touch or the flower bouquet, no, that’s love. It is the place, the action of donning love. Love is the noun, but to know “when and how” is the verb! That clearing, that RV was the perfect place to enjoy love, to communicate love, to found love.HippiesHippies23

In our cruel forest-world, search for your own clearing, your own RV. It is there. Do you see it? Open your eyes and love….


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|  Photo were taken by two remarkable swedish photographers Mattias Lönneborg and Ola Hansson  |