Wild, Wild West

We all are familiar with the game Cowboys & Indians, two eternal enemies fighting for their land. As far as I can remember, I’ve always been a cowboy, there was something attractive in the way they were fighting and  building up their villages. Saloons, revolvers and ranches. Even their way of style was quite appealing to me, leather boots and hats, denim trousers and the traditional checkered shirts with a stylised yoke on the front and back. In the early days of the Wild West, trousers were made out of wool. This changed during the 1840s, when denim overalls became popular among miners for their cheapness and breathability. Levi Strauss improved the design by adding copper rivets and by the 1870s this design was adopted by cowboys. The original Levi’s jeans were soon followed by other makers, including Wrangler jeans and Lee Cooper.Levi's horse 1Levi's horse 7 Levi's horse 6

The Western shirt in its modern form is sometimes seen with snap pockets, patches and fringe. The denim trousers on the other hand, haven’t had any serious “facelift” during the years, to be totally honest, but actually this is why we prefer them. Denim trousers are the only pattern in fashion that have remained unaffected by time. Of course rather than denim pants, cargo and chino pants found their way back to fashion, in many colors and styles. In order to captivate the cowboy theme, I’ve chosen a pair of bronze brown pants, a green-hues-checkered shirt and a white T-shirt, all from Levi’s brand new collection. With a harmonic balance between earthy colors it is much easier to make a safe choice on a casual trendy look. This fall, brown color comes in all shades and hues, offering amazing contrasts and new combinations!Levi's horse 11Levi's horse 9Levi's horse 12

In Levi’s new Icons Reinterpreted Collection, the style has been inspired from the western landscapes and filtered through the angle of the Japanese culture. Renovating combinations of classic Levi’s® icons, such as the Trucker jacket, the 501® jean and the Western shirt with modern colors, stamps, motives and styles create a fashion impact. This new line, which is based on the Levi’s classic pattern, has been redesigned to merge the newest fashion trends with the American heritage, in order to offer convenience and quality.Levi's horse 5 Levi's horse 4 Levi's horse 2Levi's horse 3

Special thanks to Panhellenic Riding Club and Cornelia (Riding club owner) for their warm hospitality and their willingness to offer the venue and the sweetest Arenda (horse) for our photoshoot. Personally after this lovely experience, I’m going to start riding there, why don’t you try it?

Levi's horse 10


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