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Some of the greatest things that I love in autumn is the colors of the leaves, the chilly weather and the multiple layers of clothing! Shirts, sweaters, jumpers, cardigans and jackets all mixed together! A great blend of fabrics and colors to keep you warm and stylish. Jumpers¬†with fairisle knit design are considered to be a classic piece of clothing today, even though its old fashion pattern brings happy memories on my mind. Reminds me the old times that my beloved grandma used to knit jumpers out of wool. These Levi’s jumpers with rib knit cuffs and hem are totally cute and sophisticated. The more colors the more opportunities to match and combine the clothing layers!levi's tram 1levi's tram 7 levi's tram 2 levi's tram

This year, Levi’s new collection is about all-time-favorite pieces, that have been designed in new and modern fit, based on the original style and made to differ from the common cloth. And the knitted jumper with crew neck couldn’t be missing the party!¬†Combined with a casual chino pair of pants in earthy colors really lights up the outfit. Chinos are cool and flexible and can be used in every kind of occasion. Day and night, they are the perfect friend to go out for shopping, the easy choice to dressed up in work and the ultimate item to impress at a party! Denim buttoned up shirt and assorti (=matching) denim shoes are an absolute fashion trend now. Denim is on its forte now, it is everywhere and it’s the easiest and safest pattern to be combined.levi's tram 10levi's tram 4 levi's tram 8levi's tram 5

An old traditional greek tram wagon, lying proudly next to the new tram network was the perfect background to shoot the Levi’s new collection, showing this way, that the old and conservative can harmonically fit with the new and modern style. And Levi’s brand knows all about blending the past and the future together with a designing impact and focusing on the modern lines and expectations. Have you visited Levi’s website to check all the latest trends? Well, name your favorite and you may get to win it in a soon to come giveaway! :)

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