Man in Black

One of the absolute must-have in a man’s closet is the classic black suit. It’s easy and simple to wear, it matches with… well, everything! A black attire is the safest choice one can make. Total black was never out of fashion. It’s widely popular and known for its elegant prestige and strict look. Black outfit has been well respected throughout the centuries. Many people think black color brings to mind negative emotions, such as sorrow, grief and sufferings, while others know for sure that black color has the magic power to hide the flaws. The fact is, that black is a color to rely on, a devoted friend, a man’s best friend! Wait a minute there… Or is it dog?b&b 10 b&b 2 b&b 14

The biggest strength of the color black is its flexibility. Forget those who say it’s boring, or moody, or goth, because versatility is your best friend in today’s menswear. Just as an all-black outfit can be great for casual days, it can also be brilliant for more formal occasions. Black fitted costumes are always good, but dare to play with the skinny fit when you think it’s appropriate. Narrow, canvas straight-leg offerings are a little more respectable when compared to a pair of good loafers. I’ve tried to pull of some brown ones to show the contrast between black and brown and to knock down the don’t-match-black-and-brown rule. The best way to pull off all-black is to remain unaccessoried, so keep cufflinks, pocket squares and jewellery to a bare minimum. Shirts should be simple yet cool. A belt is always a must, and in that case I’ve paired a brown one, to match with the shoes.b&b 9b&b 4b&b 8b&b 3

Without a doubt, the best part of an all-black outfit is the convenience of it all. And I am not only talking about black suits. Most people own some form of black footwear, an old black t-shirt and some black jeans – it can create a killer look without too much thought. The very best style is timeless, and therefore, simple. Don’t over-calculate your look and trust your gut instinct. Last but not least, no colour will ever be ‘the new black’. It’s simply unbeatable.b&b 5b&b 7 b&b 6 b&b 13


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