Bloggers VS AIDS

It is widely known that the 1st of December is the World Aids Day and all of us are familiar with the little red ribbon worn this particular day. But it is much more about this minimal trend, it is about awareness, it is about action! This year a new idea was born in Greece by INDEX GROUP creative consulting services, in the limits of the world campaign “Getting to Zero” in order to Zero New HIV Infections, Zero Discrimination, Zero AIDS-Related Deaths, to start a national brand new campaign to reach people of all ages. In order to step out of the comfort zone, Hellenic Centre for Disease Control & Prevention under the aegis of the Greek Ministry of Health chose Greek bloggers to participate in this pioneer idea and take a stand against HIV/Aids.

Bloggers are so influential right now, their personal style and writing make a strong impact among the young – and not only – people and help them earning more and more followers every day. And so, Mary Sinatsaki (mairiboo), Eleni Stasinopoulou (missbloomohsochic), Maria Papagrigoriou (ohsochicmadamemaman), Gavriil Nikolaidis (coolartisan), Aris Alexandris (thecurlysue), Alexia Sakellariou (smellslikefashion) and myself gathered together in Acropolis Hill Hotel and under the directions of George Dedes and his crew, we joined our voices for a common goal! Makeup and hairstyling by Maria Dimopoulou.

We are the generation that fear no danger, we show no care for important things, we try to enrich our appearance and need to live for the moment. But its not about being successful, fashionable and surrounded by gadgets, it is about being healthy. As boys, we have the tendency to play around sexually and as men we have the strength to make serious decisions. Let us protect ourselves and our partners. Let us enjoy our sexual life, but in the right way, using condom throughout sexual encounter. And remember your male parts don’t make you a man, your decisions do!

Lights, camera, action… and that video is the result!

Bloggers VS Aids

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