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Jean jacket is a classic wardrobe staple, it’s the everlasting favorite that has remained steadfastly constant throughout fashion’s cyclical current of trends. It’s the perfect summer-to-fall and winter-to-spring transitional piece. The origins of denim are cloudy. Both Nîmes, France, and Genoa, Italy, claim to be its birthplace, and they both have solid grounds for the claim. Although those jeans started off brown, eventually they switched to that characteristic indigo color and became known as Bleu de Genes (hence blue jeans). One thing we know for sure is denim was a working class fabric. It was tough as rock and could be worn for years by people who rode them hard and put them away wet.

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Levi’s first denim jacket was sewn in 1905, and sold to compliment its existing line of jeans and work wear. The denim was tough, and it held up against the wind, the cold, the rain, and whatever else a workingman could throw at it. Cowboys, railway workers, fishermen, beggars and lumberjacks were some of the first intruders wearing denim pants and jackets. Denim jackets also had a brief renaissance in the mid-1990s, and you can cop that era’s style with a faded denim jacket paired with a flannel shirt. Or as in my case, a buttoned up shirt with a grey hoodie, in order to look more casual and sophisticated.

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The denim jacket is one of those items that exude an effortless air of rugged masculinity and machismo. It’s really a question of how well it will integrate into the rest of your wardrobe, since denim jackets work in tandem with the rest of your outfit. A denim jacket adds an undeniable dressed down sense to any outfit, so be sure this is something you feel you can pull off. Pulling off a denim jacket ultimately comes down to finding one that fits. When deciding on a cut, consider the jacket’s construction, and figure out what you’ll be wearing the jacket with and ultimately what kind of look you’re looking to construct. Punk? Go slim and distressed. Country? And remember to consider your needs just as you consider the fit, the denim jacket is all about practicality.

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