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I’ve heard many times that a good T-shirt can make the difference. It can surely be matched with all kinds of outfits, colors and fabrics. It is said that the T-shirt can attract all eyes and has the amazing ability to transform a plain and casual look to a fashionable outfit! All hail the T-shirt! It’s a favourite item amongst fashion bloggers, street style regulars and models, even celebrities are fond of letting their logo T-shirts say what’s really on their mind. But what happens when celebrities star on a T-shirt? Well, here comes PTRSdesign CO.!

PTRSdesign CO. is a fresh and artistic urban brand based in Athens. The architect and founder Petros Petrozelis is the man behind PTRSdesign CO. Petros is a highly creative young guy that among interior decoration, furniture making, illustration, graphic designing, photography and blogging, bear the idea of combining T-shirts with hand-drawn illustrations (watch it here!). PTRSdesign CO. first collection “Idols of our generation” set a strong foothold in the Greek market, raising the bar on creativity! PTRSdesign CO. is all about details. Every print on the tees is made by hand, the original illustrations are hand-drawn on A4 papers, scanned and sent to the printing workshop, then they are screen printed by hand, with eco friendly black ink, on custom sewn 100% pure Greek Cotton white t-shirts. From the text on the inside of the tees to the stickers that seal the cardboard package, everything is handwritten.

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How come an architect like you ends up founding his own brand and what inspired you creating PTRSdesign CO. in the first place?

I consider PTRSdesign CO. as a personal project, or even better as an artistic experiment. It’s a way to explore my creativity and its boundaries. I chose to study Architecture thinking that a degree in that field would be a great academic base, on which I could stand and deal with millions of other amazing things. Architecture taught me basic principles, such as space, form, scale, color, emotion and the magic of creation. The idea in your head becomes a sketch on paper. The sketch becomes a plan. The plan becomes a model and, if you’re lucky enough, the model becomes a real life-size building. So, imagine my joy, when I drew an illustration with a black marker on a plain white t-shirt and my satisfaction when my friends told me how cool it was and that they wanted one, too. My friends’ enthusiasm and their positive feedbacks were, and will always be, my greatest inspiration.

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What makes PTRSdesign CO. so unique and what differentiates your collection from other local brands?

I would say that what makes PTRSdesign CO. unique is my personal drawing style and my perspective on fashion. I want my tees to be recognizable by their style. I want to reach the point, where, when you see someone on the street wearing my t-shirt, you will be able to say that ‘This is a PTRSdesign CO. for sure’. I also pay attention on my illustrations’ canvas; the t-shirts themselves. They are all handmade using 100% pure Greek cotton. It’s important to support Greek agriculture and industry using the finest Greek raw materials and ensuring that all stages of production take place in Greece, especially in my hometown, Athens.

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In your first collection “Idols of our generation” we can see famous singers, such as Rihanna, Lana Del Rey, Beth Ditto, Adele and Thom Yorke. How come you’ve chosen these particular artists and what is the story behind the name of this collection?

The first illustration that I did, when I started thinking about launching PTRSdesign CO., was Beth Ditto’s cover on LOVE magazine. It was so inspiring seeing this ‘chubby’ woman total naked posing so elegant and being really proud of her body. So, while I was drawing her I noticed the title ‘Icons of our generation’ above her name and I realized that I already had a concept. I paraphrased it a bit using the word ‘idol’ as I thought it fitted better. The collection is devoted to musical idols of the 00s and inspired by the most iconic fashion and music magazines. Five celebrities. Five singers. Five magazines. Five IDOLS. From ancient statues of deities that people used in religious rituals to the contemporary apotheosis of global-music-industry celebrities and trendsetting fashion and music magazines. These five artists and magazines are some of my favorite ones and the selection was purely based on personal criteria.

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So, what about your future plans? What shall we expect from PTRSdesign Co.?

What I’ve learnt the past few months, since PTRSdesign CO. was launched, is that everything is possible. Everything that pops up into my mind can actually be made, if you find the right people who support your ideas and spend all their love and positive energy in bringing them to life. The possibilities are limitless. I’ll continue designing some t-shirts (as I truly believe that t-shirts are the backbone of everyone’s wardrobe) and I also want to make a series of accessories for Christmas gifts, but that’s what I can reveal so far.

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