Soldier’s Return

What are we fighting for? Is it worth it? Let’s pause right here…

It was the first week of autumn, a day not too hot, but certainly not rainy. A common day, like all the others. An insignificant noon, was it noon already? Time had passed so fast these years, difficulties, anxiety, sorrow, tears, war. She was there, standing, waiting, praying, hoping. She was waiting for him, him to come back, but in her heart she was already mourning. She was fighting her own battles. Everything was against her, news, fears, thoughts, feelings, everything. Hope was lost, time had lost its sense and materials were nothing more than hollow objects. They had been years since her last time she’d dreamed, she has been fighting during the night as well, her nightmares were showing no mercy to her wounded heart. Was he alive, was he dead, would he ever come back?

soldier's return 4soldier's return 3

Miles away, a soldier, a man, was walking the way home, he didn’t have any news or replies to his messages all these years fighting. Nothing to rely upon, nothing to wipe his tears during the lonely and scary nights. The war was over, but the wounds were still there. A physical war causing emotional injuries. Discouraged as he is, he thinks, will there be home? Will he find what he’s craving for? Warmth, fellowship, love. Goods, which were taken away from him for so long. His heart is struggling and he is barely holding his tears, but that’s a war he can not win! Tears running through his cheecks, swapping the dirt and the mud from his face.

soldier's return 5

soldier's return 1

Few hours later, he is reaching home! Home! There it is, wrecked and abandoned. A terrible feeling saturates his whole being! Something must have gone wrong. No, it can’t be possible, no! All his fighting was in vain?

soldier's return 6

soldier's return 7

Out of the sudden, gazing his destroyed property, his eyes stuck on her! She, on the other hand, is beyond despair! Strong enough to stand with courage against his enemies, but yet so vulnerable to control his feelings, he can’t help it but bursts in tears! There she stands in front of him, hopeless and scared. She hasn’t seen him approaching. He takes up a minute and stand. God, it’s been years! Time starts to makes sense again. Tic-Toc! Just few steps away from his everlasting love, feels blessed, feels the fight was worthy of.

soldier's return 8

soldier's return 9

At that time, she knows! He’s here! She turns her face, not waiting and hoping anymore, she turns her face, knowing. Strength and energy overflow her whole being again and she runs up to him. The meeting! Her prayers have been answered, she feels alive again and same as he. She takes a minute to stop and touches him. He’s there, present, it’s not an illusion. Words are not even enough to express or to confess anything. They remain silent, letting their eyes do all the talking. The hug! All the worries, the fears, the nightmares and the burdens have now been forgotten. Extremely good or bad situations leave no place to things like time, space, money, fears, thoughts, everything flees, everything melts, everything fades. He’s back!

soldier's return 10 soldier's return 11soldier's return 2So, what is it that we’re coming against? Is it a physical war? Is it a mind game? Is it an emotional battle? Or even ourself?

What are we fighting for? Freedom? Victory? Peace? Love?

Whatever it may be, we have the strength to carry on, we have the inner power to win. As human beings, we are destined to be optimistic. Cares, worries and problems, they all come with a solution, sometimes we get to see it and sometimes we have to search for it. The question is, is this battle worthy? What defines worth in your life? What kind of value or virtue? Usually our greatest values come with a face. A parent, a sibling, a kid, a spouse, a lover, a friend? The relationship with a person like this is our precious thesaurus. The result of the battle is not always immediate, it may take time, but as we approach to that personal win of ours, our heart and life will gain more and more “color” (like the grading color in those pictures).

What are you fighting for today?


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