50 shades of grey

The color grey, is produced when two directly opposite colors of the color spectrum are mixed, for example yellow and violet, or as we all know, black and white. Grey is regarded as a neutral color, and there are many different shades of grey that appear as you transition from all-white to all-black. Grey can also be blended with small amounts of color, like yellow or blue, to produce “warm” or “cool” shades. Grey in fashion is a muted color, meant to blend in and add a naturally dark and mysterious look in an inconspicuous manner. Grey clothes tend to be dressier and more conservative, and thus color is widely used in men’s and women’s business attire, especially in the darker shades.

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Grey became a highly fashionable color in the 18th century, both for women’s dresses and for men’s waistcoats and coats. The grey business suit appeared in the mid-19th century in London, light grey in summer, dark grey in winter, replacing the more colorful palette of men’s clothing early in the century. Grey was a common color for military uniforms. The 1950s and 1960s were the age of glory for the grey suit; they were worn by movie stars and by President John F. Kennedy, who wore a two-button grey suit.

50shades 4 50shades 5 50shades 6 50shades 7 50shades 8At the beginning of the 21st century, the style was beginning to change, grey was considered monotonous and without character. Gradually the dark blue suit gained supremacy. But now it’s payback time! Grey color has gained power and it is the perfect color to make the moody transition from summer to winter and the other way around. You can make use of the grey color to control the other colors. It works almost with any color and it’s great for dulling down the vivid colors. The grey color can give you a sophisticated, classic and elegant look as well.

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