And so this is Christmas

Christmas, a commercial Holiday or sentimental period of the year?

Have we ever paused to concentrate to the true meaning of these days? Christmas is all about snow, fireplace, Christmas tree, delicious sweets and candies and presents! Oh, the favorite time of the year has come. Let’s ring the bells, Christmas is here! Singing Carrols and decorating the house, shopping until feet are swollen and hours standing in front of the mirror, trying to find the perfect outfit to dazzle friends and family!christmas 2I do remember those merry days, years ago, when I was much younger. I remember my parents preparing the house for Christmas, Jingle Bells playing on repeat, I remember being a child, careless and happy. I remember being anxious, if Santa had followed my juvenile orders, written with colored pen and had managed to find my home (ok, that was for the first 4-5 years, later I found out the devastating truth). But still, Christmas was all about toys, not clothes and books, TOYS!

christmas 3Years passed by and I grew up, toys transformed to gift cards and money! Different presents, same smile! I remember spending all my money in clothes and… well… clothes. I also remember buying presents for my beloved family and closest friends. I remember spending more than receiving. But I was happy! From the moment I’ve started working as a flight attendant, holly days changed completely, no more family gatherings for me, Christmas trees and delicious homemade cookies and no more hollidays at home! You see, Christmas is a high season period and everyone wants to travel somewhere magical and Christmassy, but who is there to provide safety and a smiling face, as serves you your hot meal? Your flight attendant!christmas money

Nowdays, you are familiar with the story, financial crisis… From decorated city streets and crowded stores to unemployment, cash flow difficulties and people living on the streets.  Situations change continually and we, as human beings, can’t help but follow the new order of things. And so, it is Christmas time again and may the stores not be filled with consumers and we may not receive as many gifts as we used to, but we can do one thing for sure. Appreciate! We can be thankful for being healthy instead of being wealthy.

christmas wishAnd what defines wealth in our life? Money? Material goods? Success? A perfectly well decorated house and a Christmas tree with presents underneath? Or is it happiness, joy, love, companionship, friends? A heart filled with feelings is the key for a wealthy life! So, this year spend less money on gifts and more time with friends. Leave material presents for birthdays and let us make this Christmas more personal. Share smiles, share true feelings, share your heart with your beloved. Let this Christmas be a pleasant break from your problems and a positive way to start the new year! May we this Christmas stick to the actual meaning of giving unconditionally.Christmas smile

What Christmas means to you?


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