Jungle rules

Animal print never goes out of fashion. In fact, every season and every year, people parrot, “Animal print is on trend!” But it’s the same print. If there’s anything new, it’s purely a matter of interpretation. Lately, we have seen animal prints on men, in international runways, online, on the street and in many many shops. Many people claim that animal print is a feminine pattern while others are in favour of men wearing this particular prints without putting their masculinity at stake. Animal print may be a controversial pattern, but it is a sure way to make your whole outfit stand out. The question isn’t about “should you” or “should you not” own an animal print. I personally believe that every fashionista must own at least a piece of this print. The question therefore is – how do you make it right?

animal print 2 animal print 1 animal print 4animal print 5To start with, when wearing a animal print never overdo it. A striking leopard shirt is quite flamboyant. So, to incorporate into a masculine aesthetics, limit your use of it.  It is possibly the loudest print, so keep the rest of your outfit simple with muted colours. Tan leopard print looks fantastic with black or grey, while zebra print goes well with navy. And of course casual it up with denim! Denim and animal pattern is a cool blend to be worn not in everyday life though. But a party or a club is totally a venue to scale it up a bit by pairing a leopard print T-shirt or shirt with skinny jeans or a zebra print long sleeve top with a navy blue blazer. As a matter of fact, you stand out in the ensemble.  animal print 6 animal print 7 animal print 9 animal print 8And if you are not bold enough to wear an animal printed jacket or a top, go for accessories instead. Whether for a day or night look, start experimenting with belts, cufflinks or other little accessories. A pair of animal printed shoes is also a great first step. A great combination of animal print is leather of course, there is something very lively in them so they do match perfectly. A leather jacket or leather boots and loafers can designate the whole outfit and show strength and drive! Reduce others accessories on minimum and never combine an animal print with another print. And always bear in mind to keep the rest of your look simple.animal print 10animal print 3animal print 11 animal print 12 animal print 13 animal print 14


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