Revenge Style

On December the 9th a spectacular private party was held in Athinais Cultural Center, on account of Revenge TV series Avant Premiere by Fox Life. So spectacular huh? And what exactly defines a spectacle? A public display or performance for example a show or  a ceremony. And of course ‘Revenge’ is the perfect example! Revenge is an American mystery & drama series that is about a daughter of a framed executive that makes her mission to infiltrate upper Hamptons society and exact revenge on the people who set her father up. And what else is referred as a spectacle? Fashion! And no one knows fashion better that Vicky Kaya, the founder of Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya! And so Vicky and the fashion workshop students were there to enrich our knowledge and share their fashion tips. Vicky Kaya was wearing a stunning nude color gown by Orsalia Parthenis.

Workshop by Vicky Kaya 1Workshop by Vicky Kaya 2Workshop by Vicky Kaya 10Workshop by Vicky Kaya 9Workshop by Vicky Kaya 11

Workshop by Vicky Kaya 12Workshop by Vicky Kaya 13Workshop by Vicky Kaya 14

Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya presented a unique project: See-Feel-Share the Revenge style, which was all about outfits inspired by the characters of Revenge. Based on the Hamptons look within the palettes of red, blue, off-white and gold they’d created several outfits in order to capture the ultimate Revenge style. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but just about everyone on this show has got smokin’ hot style. Clean lines and classic silhouettes with sophisticated cuts and understated patterns. Εlegant, timeless pieces that are imbued with just enough modernness to keep the look fresh. Amazing eye-catching black and red wedges, sparkly stud necklaces and lots of accessories enriched the looks.

Workshop by Vicky Kaya 4Workshop by Vicky Kaya 5Workshop by Vicky Kaya 3Workshop by Vicky Kaya 16Workshop by Vicky Kaya 17Workshop by Vicky Kaya 18Workshop by Vicky Kaya 15Workshop by Vicky Kaya 8Workshop by Vicky Kaya 7Workshop by Vicky Kaya 6

At the same time, a bit before the avant premiere of Revenge, all guests had the change to try different kinds of cocktails, under the sound of a walking around saxophonist and with a live act by The Wedding Singers. In a wonderfully decorated environment with candles and flowers, great atmosphere and with the extended media coverage by Concept Group we had a blast! Beautiful people, impeccable service and the most warm welcome by lovely girls, all in an absolute well planned event, powered by Dixan. I was dressed up more christmassy and less avant premiere, I’ve met amazing people and enjoyed the party! As for the plot of the first episode of Revenge… well… stay tuned on Fox life!

Workshop by Vicky Kaya 25Workshop by Vicky Kaya 24Workshop by Vicky Kaya 20Workshop by Vicky Kaya 19Workshop by Vicky Kaya 21Workshop by Vicky Kaya 23Workshop by Vicky Kaya 22


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