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It is said that history repeats itself. Fashion and clothing trends are no exception. Since fashion is cyclical, there is always some style from the past that has been made new again. However, when you purchase a vintage piece, you are getting something that cannot be found at every chain store by the thousands. It is a limited item just for you. But what exactly is vintage? The term vintage is used to describe clothing between 20 and 100* years old which is clearly representitive of the era in which it was produced. Vintage clothing can be used, new, manufactured and handmade. Bear in mind though that clothing 100 years old or more is classified as antique.

vintage 3 blog vintage 4 blogvintage 2 blogvintage 1 blogThe important thing is, as with any trend or style, to stay true to what you are most comfortable in and what looks best on you. Do not overdo it, do not try to imitate a picture found online or in a magazine, follow your style and respect your body shape. Usually vintage clothing own a special story. In my case, my vintage blue coat comes from the Swedish Navy featuring the notched lapel with golden metal buttons and amazing pocket-shape details. And I’ve paired it with denim trousers a red shirt, a cool jumper and burgundy All Stars. And in order to fashion up my outfit I used a blue knit bow-tie and a light purple newsboy cap, which is a great way to start from journey to the vintage world!vintage 7 blog vintage 5 blog vintage 6 blog

If you’ve never worn vintage clothes before, it’s not advisable to start off wearing a head to toe vintage outfit. You can start by wearing vintage accessories like scarves, hats, jewellery, handbags, or belts. Don’t dress entirely in vintage from one trend or decade. You will end up looking like you’re going to a Halloween party. The point of vintage is to take the best of what each decade has to offer and make it work today. Mixing one focal vintage item with core pieces of your wardrobe like jeans, a simple blazer, or with a tee shirt will make your look modern instead of looking like you stepped out of a time machine.vintage 8 blogvintage 14 blog vintage 12 blog vintage 11 blog vintage 13 blog


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