Aviator Jacket

The past century’s style icons have a common thread between them: the leather jacket. Marlon Brando, James Dean, Michael Jackson! Leather jackets suit any style or mood, while remaining warm, durable, timeless and classic. It is an investment that will certainly pay off in the long run. They look good on most men and they are suitable for different occasions. Adaptable to any outfit, functional, practical, attractive. There is a unique kind of leather jacket though, the historical leather flight jacket known from the U.S. Air Forces pilots of the World War II, which features high snapped collars, snug waists, and cuffs.

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It’s a timeless piece that will always be on trend and never goes out of fashion. The leather jackets here to stay, so go grab yourself one from McArthurGlen. This wardrobe essential instantly adds style to any outfit and features faux fur lining for extra warmth. Keep it simple underneath. A basic T-shirt during the breeze nights of the summer or a stripped shirt or a knit turtleneck during the cold winter and fitted jeans let the jacket shine as the stand out piece. This’ll be your go-to for unleashing your inner James Dean.

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Leather Jacket: American Stars
Knit turtleneck: American Stars
Trousers: Staff Jeans & Co.
Belt: Staff Jeans & Co.
Shoes: Eponymo
Sunglasses: Chloé

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