Grandma’s love

I am always amazed that how people can turn thread into fabric, and then into garments by using their own hands. They seem to have everything in their mind and they are just like a composer conducting the thread together for a symphony, making it as an art performance. I do remember when I was a little kid and my beloved grandma used to knit jumpers for me. Such an act of love and a personal way to express her feelings! This particular emotional gift made of love is a key staple piece for any man’s wardrobe. A knitwear screams warmth, comfort and its simplicity allows you to wear it effortlessly. Vintage or not, it can be combined with all kinds of styles and brings a soft and fluffy touch in your outfit!

knitwear 1 knitwear 2 knitwear 3 knitwear 4 knitwear 5

Wearing a knitwear casually can add another dimension to your look. You can integrate coloured or patterned knitwears into your layering to give your outfit a shot of life, or use a classic neutral jumper to anchor coloured chinos or a patterned shirt. Again, if you’re opting for colour, try adding a neutral lightweight scarf to break up the bold colouring. Details and textures of the jumper naturally stand out, even if it’s a neutral colour, making it the perfect jumper to create a simple casual look. Last season we saw the oversized trend play a big part in menswear, and we can adopt this approach with the knit as it gives off a casual and cosy aesthetic naturally that lends itself well to being cozy. knitwear 6 knitwear 7 knitwear 8 knitwear 9 knitwear 10 knitwear 11


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