Grey Blazer

Numerous times I have found myself in a situation in which a suit was too formal and a sport coat too sporty. Gentlemen, what piece of clothing looks good, is incredibly versatile, but is not a suit or a sport coat? The answer is simple, but yet overlooked: the blazer. A blazer can be matched with paisley, striped, checked, or solid colored shirts. For those, who can wear with confidence, a blazer with a bow tie is one of the latest trends, even though it’s often dismissed as old fashioned. Caution should be taken when matching pants. Avoid matching same colors or even hues of the same color in blazer and pants. The blazer is a unique clothing and it should be distinctive.

In soft grey jersey fabric, this blazer is perfect for your off-duty looks. Bringing a sophisticated twist, this features double button fastening, pockets and notched lapel, double vent on the back and blue suede elbow patches. A fitted blazer is a great fill-in for when suits are too formal and sport coats are too casual. It is a great piece of clothing to have and a navy blue blazer is the place to start. There is a reason why the blazer has remained in style for near 100 years: it is versatile, functional, and looks great.

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