Sinky winter, floral spring

An old rusty shipwreck, left alone, abandoned for years! Abandoned yet so beautiful! A moody scenery yet a wonderful set up for this photoshoot. H&M Spring collection ’14 is all about colors, elegance and sport style!┬áThe new collection features Rock n Roll, Astrology & Bohemian influences! Stylish knee length coats, loose pleated trousers, floral print jackets and abstract themes feature on loose cut shirts and pleated shorts. H&M new outing blends sportswear with formal look and the other way around. This spring casual outfits create a new attitude for menswear.

Knee length spring jackets are ideal for multilayered outfits, while this beige gabardine adds an urban sensation. With numerous big buttons, checkered colorful lining and interesting leather and metal details can style up every outfit. In addition to that, a funky patterned T-shirt is this spring’s absolute trend and creates a unique look. Due to the fact that this T-shirt is busy, colorful and bright, one should only combine it with pale colors and neat outfits, in order to achieve a minimal sentiment. Casual jeans or dark colored pants are the perfect supporter to this whole look. In my case I’ve tried an off-white pair of trousers to express a bit more sophisticated perspective.

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Floral prints in their many avatars, never fail to stay on top of fashion trend charts. But did you notice how mainstream they have become now? This floral jacket can easily described as statement. In loose fit and featuring two pockets and a stand up collar, this jacket is perfect for all spring and summer season and it is the trademark of the H&M spring collection ’14. A neat T-shirt in the basic old navy colors (blue, red, white) and a pair of pleated shorts, featuring a same colored waistline detail, it’s a modern combination for a semi formal outfit.

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