Take a Bow

You’ve probably heard that bow ties are back! The ultimate symbol of the historical dandyism and the current hipster trend comes in all colors, fabrics and patterns. Let’s go back in time for a while… At the beginning of the 19th century men wore a thin white neckband made of linen. The knots made with the neckbands are the ancestors of today’s bow ties. Men started draping the neckband around the neck several times and tied the ends in a knot whose folds did not fall on the shirt. The good thing is that a bow tie can be worn with almost everything. It is traditionally worn with a tuxedo on formal occasions. Yet, in daily life, a bow tie can be worn with jeans or pair of sneakers for example, or with more formal shoes if you are going for a dandyish look.

A bow tie can be worn with a V-shaped sweater, a cardigan, a blazer, etc. A fresh start may be a classic black bow tie or a colorful checkered bow tie. Once you are familiar with the accessory, do not hesitate to play with colors and motifs, to give it more of an edge. Are you looking for a bow tie? Any kind of bow tie? Then you should check “A Bow & A Tie” for a wide range of bow ties. Colorful, neat, stripped, polka dot, velvet, floral, checkered, everything you may look for! A Bow & A Tie is a fresh new brand and, as you may see from the pictures below, has even more bow ties than multinational clothing companies! Apart from bow ties, A Bow & A Tie has also a great variety of ties in all shapes and colors as well! Do you consider yourself as a hipster, a vintage wearer, a preppy fan, if yes, then your answer is A Bow & A Tie!

Now, I would like to prove to you that one can wear a bow tie in a fun way, without going overboard.

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 ‘‘Wearing a bow tie is a statement. Almost an act of defiance.’’ 
– Richard Kaplan


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