Punk it up

Years ago punk style and fashion was a shocking phenomenon, while nowadays we use many items inspired by the punk culture on a regular basis. Everyday outfit may be diverted by one or two punk style accessories in order to achieve a modern look, ideal for everyday wear. Punk style inspires young people, designers and artists. The former Lady Gaga costume designer Nicola Formichetti stated that he aimed to design a range that would honour the “DNA of Diesel” and “bring the heritage into the digital world”. #DieselTribute Leather Collection promotes the leather through creative director Nicola Formichetti ’s vision for the future. The hand-crafted line is made up of twenty set pieces, eleven of which are for men, and centres on uniquely designed patchwork and “heavy metal hardware”.

Diesel limited edition leather collection features a impressive variety of black outfits with lavish metal details. One of my favourite items of this collection couldn’t be anything else than the black jacket with many zippers, metal skulls details and long leather strings. In addition to that a pair of jogg jeans totally attracts all eyes featuring rivets, metal rings and a dual skull zipper on the front, and an interesting metal detail on the back pocket. Even the plain black T-shirt features metal and leather details in minor but notable spots and inside-out seams. Tight pants and loose tees is a perfect combination for a striking outfit.

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