Homesies studio edition

Few days ago Alexia from Smells like Fashion and myself were called to present Homesies new collection on a studio set and under the directions of our photographer Nikolas Kominis we had a blast! Both of us had the chance on the past, to feature a comfortable homesie. A short pause here, I’m the guy right next to this beautiful girl with the ponytail, yes, yes, the one who looks like Demi Moore in that old movie G.I. Jane, who shaved her head in order to join the US army, remember? And so, for the exact reason I cut my hair, but recently I’ve read that guys with shaved faces are in the style right now! (I do need your empathy and comfort). Alexia on the other hand is beyond beauty!

Now back to the story, Homesies is a greek brand that within a year has manage to conquer young people’s closets and to master in homewear outfits. Some of us wear our comfy homesies not only at home but on outdoor activities! I personally take the dog out wearing my homesie. It is soft, it is comfortable and it smells like home! :) New collection is lighter and shorter, as shown in the pictures. You can take a tour on Homesies official page and make your orders through its e-shop and of course follow Homesies on Facebook in order to know all about its news. All the boys you may enter here and place your order. And stay tuned cause a giveaway is about to take place soon!

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