Funky Buddha

IMG_0615Nothing is more relaxing than a casual walk by the sea on a sunny day. But here in Athens sea doesn’t always comes with a sandy beach. ¬†And so, I’ve chosen a total outfit from Funky Buddha to make myself comfortable while remain in style. It might be summer already but during the sunset there comes a light breeze, so a long sleeved sweater can be quite helpful. Floral shorts on the other way are such a trend these days and they can match with all kinds of casual clothing items. Always though bear in mind that intense prints should be tamed down with pale colors and solid colored combinations. Last but not least, a pair of espadrilles bring a spanish tone on your outfit! So, what do you think of this outfit? For further information you can totally check out the official Funky Buddha page here. PLUS there is a big giveaway, called “funkyinside”, that offers 20 ¬†vouchers of 150 euros each, in order to choose your favourite Funky Buddha pieces. The giveaway takes place these days and you can easily participate by clicking here.

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