tropical storm

IMG_0969Tropical patterns are definitely taking over this summer. From runways to red carpet and from top fashion magazines to your closet! Tropical print is all about exotic themes in plain fabrics and it comes in tees, shirts, trousers or even suits. As playful print as it may be, it can be tricky sometimes. Prints carry heavy personalities that may outshine you, and this is why you have to tame down their strength by following certain rules.

Wear the same tropical print from head to toe, if you’re feeling like mixing tropical prints with any other prints, well… DON’T. Fruits, vegetables, florals, animal print. It’s too much. It’s chaotic. Secondly, wear one tropical print piece and pair it with a solid color. Summer’ish, rich, sophisticated. Do you fancy a trip in Bahamas, but it’s way to far for you (both distance & money-wise), how about bringing bahamas’ breeze over here? Keep in mind though that a tropical print can also be worn with a plain suit and not just for casual walks in the beach!

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