It’s a mod, mod situation

Mod style (short for “modernist”) first emerged in the late 1950s and was popularized throughout the mid 60s.  Due to a rebounding economy after World War II, youths were able to spend their income on fashions instead of spending money on household needs.  Ring any bells? Nowadays, we prefer to, as I’d like to say, invest on the wardrobe, than to buy food. Nevertheless, mod is still a style to wear.

H&M winter collection presents a fashionable antithesis to all colorful collections. Ok, we all tend to wear dark colors during wintertime, but now our moody “investments” come with a history. Tailor fit jacket and baggy sweatpants is a way to start. These particular grey sweatpants in loose fit are striking and need to be tamed down with simple combinations. Solid colors is always a safe choice. Remember not to imitate a style, but attach different styles on yours!

IMG_1031IMG_1021IMG_1075IMG_1062IMG_1087IMG_1014IMG_1015IMG_1071 IMG_1091 IMG_1093Sincerely,

Your Fashion Attendant