Crashing Funky Buddha store

Can summer in Athens be cool? Negative! Can two crazy bloggers crash a store while it’s still open. Positive! Upbeat energy and funky style define Funky Buddha street-wear design.  Vivid colors, favourite trends, and casual lines. And these, were more than enough for Alexia from Smellslikefashion and myself to jump in the fun! We played, laughed and had tons of fun at the store, while others were shopping. Ok, we left the poses for our individual shots, cause we’re self-centred wannabe models, and we really had a blast!

Simplicity meets quality in a variety of tees with prints and stamps, solid colored hoodies, chinos and hot girly shorts. This particular light blue T-shirt with a modern twist in the pocket matches perfectly with a chino, the hottest trend of the last two years in male fashion! Colors all over in a wide range of choices, Funky Buddha and summer gets a new meaning!

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