Leather State of Mind

Let’s start by stating the obvious: Leather never lose its power! Leather has always been a constant trend in the evolving world of fashion. The must-have item established a first connection with the fashion sphere¬†somewhere towards the end of 1920s and ever since became a cult classic. This season H&M winter collection highlights the slim fitted silhouette to make sure your biker jacket feels like second skin. Asymmetrical zippers and wide peak lapel follow the ordinary lines¬†of the historic biker jacket.

Another trend that took over fashion this year was the sport baggy top. It’s loose and comfortable with a unique texture, which helps the body to breathe, featuring what else? Numbers! Due to leather’s dominance, neat pieces should be combined in order to tame down the outfit. These slim fit denim pants by H&M Conscious Collection are the perfect match. With a texture that feels like sweat pants and a eco-friendly purpose, H&M Conscious collection both looks good and does good. Why don’t we join them?

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