Rolling in the deep

It is widely known that James Dean was the pioneer of embracing jeans as a casual cloth. What you may not know is that he was a master, when it came to cuffs or turnups/rollups on trousers and sleeves. This trend has returned and we are all wondering whether to embrace and how we are supposed to wear it.  It’s simple really, it adds a bit of visual interest to the bottom of your trousers, they also add some physical weight, which can help your trousers hang more attractively. And as for the upper body, rolling up the sleeves on a suit attracts attention to your arms, creating a better shape. 

Nevertheless, there are a few things that you should be aware of. Never roll up too much, only few sentimeters/inches, it’s all about rolling up not capri pants. The slimmer ankle you have, the more skin you can expose. Try wearing colored socks to emphasize the trend. Always feature nice shoes, TOMS are the best choice, as seen in the photos. Don’t roll up wool pants, baggy or boot-cut jeans. It looks best with chinos, pleated and slim fit jeans. It’s really up to you.  Worse case scenario, you have to bend over to unroll them. I know, so much physical exersize!

Photos are taken by Konstantinos Pafilas196_W1195196_W1213196_W1418 196_W1255196_W1343 196_W1273196_W1400196_W1370 196_W1376


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