V for Vest

It may be autumn, but the sunshine in Athens still continues to be the dominant weather feature. Slightly colder weather is the perfect chance wearing clothing layers. It is the year of prints, and this particular Sisley birdy theme T-shirt is a favourite and its unique pattern can be combined with a colorful pair of pants. Benetton trousers this year come in slimmer fitting but continue to be colorful. So, why not wearing blue chinos instead of a pair of jeans? And for a change, try enrich your style with a jean vest. It is tight and features a funky hoodie and interesting sleeve cuts. The right vest can designate the male body, broaden the shoulders and narrow the waist, forming a sensible V (maybe this is why is called vest – No, it’s not). The proper vest keeps you warm and in style!

Photos are taken by Constantinos Pafilas

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