H&M goes Wang

H&M annually forms a partnership with an influential household name to launch original designs with a high fashion edge, and of course, Alexander Wang has not failed to deliver. The global launch of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection, is one of the most anticipated and stylish designer brand collaborations of the season. And this year fashion and sports become one. The athletic collection has a futuristic element with basketball shorts and tops, button-up jerseys with leather effect sleeves and boxer-type shoes for guys, while elastic body con dresses, cropped sports bras and tops adorned with the WANG logo and high heels for girls, all from the palette of  grey and black color.

The line consists of silver reflective cycling shorts with aertex white shorts sewn over the top, hoodies, sweatshirts and graphic branded compression socks, patterned grey leggings, foam-injected knits, oversized water repellent windbreakers, WANG beanies and much more. Each garment is fully functional with water-repellent, quick-drying and breathable qualities to bring the practicalities of sportswear to the fashion world, even the swimming goggles, boxing gloves and yoga mats that were present. Alexander Wang has certainly achieved a fusion of the fitness and style industry seamlessly.

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Model: Maria Livaditi

Photos by Dimitris Lks


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