Greek Dandy

 Dandies were late 18th and 19th century fashionistas of the male sex. The style and influences had a revival in the 1980’s with the New Romantic scene, but had a hard time surviving in the modern world, when the masculinity is so highly praised among men, and elegance and nobility in fashion have almost dried out. Today dandy style is taking small steps in the world of male fashion. Flamboyant bow ties, slim fit vests with many buttons and suit jackets in the color of grey is few of the main characteristics of that particular style. Combined with a pair of casual jeans, this style can easily be adopted by anyone, who likes to experiment and get out of the usual. What I am wearing and many many more can be found at F House store in Athens. For further information and new arrivals you may enter here. Do not hesitate to try something new, you may end up finding a piece of yourself.

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