The Shirt Phenomenon

In Greece when we use the words dot and dash together it means that something is definite and final. The exact same thing happens with the male closet, when it comes to shirts. Shirts are THE item. Dot and dash. But changing the words’ order, you talk about shirts, all kinds of shirts and the well known shirt company in Athens, Dash & Dot.¬†Following the trends in patterns and colors, Dash & Dot specializes in the production of shirts. Checkered, polka dot, striped, denim, tartan and a wide collection of prints.

The shirt is the easiest item in male fashion to combine. It can be worn on a casual walk, a busy day at work or even a formal occasion. It goes with jeans, pleats, knitwear, sportswear and all kinds of accessories such as ties, bow ties, scarfs etc. It adds volume on the upper body, making the shoulders look wider and the torso look longer. Are you an elegant businessman, a sophisticated hipster, a preppy nerd or an urban hippie? Regardless the style, the shirt rules.

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