Navy Along With Me

It was a typical noon, many years ago, when my family and I sat together for lunch. I remember that day, cause my mom insisted not to wear my brand new white sweater, but I had a different opinion. Almost 30 minutes later soup was spilled on my sweater, a not-so-tender slap made¬†my cheek reddish and family time was ruined. Oh, sweet 16! ūüėČ kidding. Now I’ve learned my lesson. Soup and white top do not get along.

Fashion wise though, white is a precious color, it’s not strong, it’s not pale, but it certainly owns a personality. White matches with everything, all colors, all hues and most prints. This particular white sweater emphasises your skin tone and creates a congenial¬†outfit matched with navy blue pleated pants, while red details on the jacket and shirt add a strong solid color on the look. Nautica really owns the combination of those three colors. It is the triangle of the navy look. You can totally feature these colors on a casual walk, a business meeting or a family gathering with no soups.
Plus, you don’t need a boat trip to wear Nautica!

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