It was in the early 19th century, when Lord Elgin removed a wide variety of sculptures from Parthenon and marbles from Propylaea and Erechtheum. She was there, one of the kidnapped. Her heart may have been made of stone, but could feel the pain. She was transported by sea to Britain, bounded and wounded. She was sold as a slave to the British government and she was put in a fancy jail, in order to entertain her viewers. She, who used to support tones of weight over her head, now could barely stand proud. She was left alone, she was taken from her sisters, she was taken from the place she was born and raised.

And that’s her story. The story of the greek Caryatid.

Fashion rarely stands for morals, values and ethic standards, virtues beyond beauty and trading. But when that happens, fashion gains power to transfer a message. In this case – the Caryatid story – the message is “bring her back!” and been stated by a greek urban brand, PlayPlay is a fresh fashion brand which reflects a fresh way of thinking. High quality cotton t-shirts with mashup prints inspired by music, movies, politics, religion or science. Using humor as a blending machine, tries to play with stereotypes by exposing both sides of the coin, black and white. For further information you can visit the official site and the official Facebook page.

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