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┬áBeing a guy is easy. It is a typical morning and you need to get off the bed and get ready for work, or walk. You take your stand in front of the closet and you take a sneak peek of your clothes. You grab a pair of jeans, a simple T-shirt, a colorful shirt in order to add some color in your outfit, a cosy hoodie to keep you warm and your favourite all stars. It took you, how long? 3 minutes. 4 tops. I’ll give 5 more minutes to fix your hair and off you go.

Well that’s… a lie. Standing in front of the mirror takes me more time than I need to eat. Trying to find what I want to wear is a painful procedure – mostly for my friends. Ok, finding the right pair of pants eliminate the remaining time, but matching shirts and jackets can take more than 20′. Sad, but true. Nevertheless, the easiest thing one can do, in order to create a casual look, is to go simple. Simple is always the best (and safe in most cases). Esprit fashion brand has a wide variety of casual-wear clothes for men and women. A great range of T-shirts – plain or with prints, shirts in many colors and patterns and all types of denim pants can be found there. This particular cardigan is also by Esprit and it comes with a twist for an #everydayamazing outfit.

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