Class Is In Session

Let’s start with a fact: I hate school and everything about it. Books, teachers, classrooms, nerds, grades and exams. Exams – the worst part. I remember back in school reading for exams was even worse than being down with the flu. Exams are too hard and need to much concentration, but that’s life in college. On the other hand, you don’t need special books or exams to try the college look. College style is known for its diversity and comfort. Plain clothes put together in a simple way.

College style has to do with casual wear, so a pair of jeans, a neat sweater and a solid colored blazer are the fundamental items in order to “ace” this look. Do not stress and keep it simple! Simplicity is a virtue when it comes to fashion. You can go from casual to formal in less than a minute, simply by adding some loafers, cufflinks and a silky bowtie. Spring Collection ’15 by H&M is full of college-type clothes, based on classic designs with a modern twist. Soft sweaters, slim fit blazers, skinny jeans and comfy sneakers are few items you will definitely find, while visiting H&M.

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