Too Prep for School

Who said winter is all about moody colors? Many of us tend to wear boring dark colored clothes during winter time. Colorful outside express the “colorful” inside. Come on, we’re young enough too young to hide our passion and optimistic way of life. And so we did, 5 friends met up in our favourite coffee house “Momo“, in order to chat, play and have some fun. Just like back then, in college days when we used to sneak out of the class and hang out for coffee & games. Trivial pursuit, Monopoly, Scrable and Risk – yeap, we used to be geeks. Ok, we still play the same games and we are still friends, seems like nothing has chanced. But now we’re more fashionable 😉

And as in every college we all have a specific nicknames – as seen in last pictures. We are different, we’re unique, but when it comes to fashion all of us remain “Preps”. I guess preppy is a life style for us. This is why we love Man & Manetti. Huge variety of shirts, knits and trousers in many colors and fabrics can be found in Man & Manetti stores all around Athens & Greece and on the official online shop. Suede shoes and accessories as well – ties, belts, bowties, everything that a modern guy needs in amazing quality. Eyewear credits to Occhio Papavassiliou!

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Special Thanks to Momo Cafe Bar in Kallithea
Eyewear: Occhio Papavassiliou
Blogger: Stephanie Makropoulos ( <3
Models: George Biliadis, Oddy Mpe & Vasilis Georgiou
Photographer: Dimitris Lks


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