Music Is My Drug

Some people love watching movies and reading books, while some others love extreme sports or working out – we hate this category of people. In my case, music is my drug. For some unknown reason music makes us feel good. It can change our mood and transform our daily routine into something magical. I can walk miles, while listening to music! Having my headphones on, the rhythm instantly starts moving my feet.

Music meets fashion when it comes to expression of feelings. Layers and colors are a great combination for an impressive outfit, just like lyrics and melody. Both need some kind of inspiration and creativity. Every item¬†of “inspirational layer” of this particular outfit comes from my favourite store – just for men – downtown Athens. F house store owns everyday essentials for a casual man. Jeans, cardigans, shirts and all kinds of accessories. Click here and follow all new trends and F House Store news.
Headphones by Benetton

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