Skate & The City

Stating the obvious: I’m not the guy in pictures. And why’s that? I can not skate without risking my physical integrity. Plus me on a skate equals public danger! This is why I’ve recruited my brother, who can definitely master at most of extreme sports. I can pose but he can certainly skate (actually snowboard and motocross are his lifetime hobbies). And so we moved our idea out in the streets of Athens. We both had fun, he showed me some of his tricks – no dangerous flips though, mum will go crazy.

As a matter of fact skate fashion gains ground in the last 5 years. More and more followers of street culture tend to wear fashionable clothes with fanciful names and innovating designs. One of the most known skate brands based in Athens is Sneak AcesSneak Aces designs and manufactures high quality streetwear, targeted at the limitless minded, the shouters, the abnormal. Supporting and elevating the Street Culture that was born throuh action sports. It is a family of the like-minded. For further information you can visit their official page online and Facebook account as well, where you can find lookbooks, eshop and the latest news and pictures.

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