Rain can’t hold me back

Clouds, rain, cold. Not exactly the ideal weather to go for a walk, if you find yourself in Athens during March. That would be my worst weather condition. I like snow and of course I love our hot summer, but rain just doesn’t fit me. Back in the school days, when there was rain outside my window, I had always an excuse to skip school, but rarely was well received from parents. Many Some years later, I still hate rain and try to figure out typical excuses to stay home.

I had to go outside, I had to prepare a new blog post (poor blogger :P), plus I wanted to enjoy my day off with friends. And so I did, but first I found the perfect outfit to keep me warm and stylish throughout the day. Summer collection by Chaps consists of pale hues from a wide palette of colors. Lime, beige, pink, sky blue and many more can give a spring tone on your outfit and your mood. Pale colors though are in need of a strong solid color, which in my case is my favorite blue sleeveless anorak and of course a stripy sweater in order to stay out late. Chaps collection is in favor of straight lines and amazing quality combined with classic-typed patterns and modern colors. Further information can be found on their official site http://www.chaps.gr/. Don’t know about you, but these are more than enough for me to spend my day outside, even if it rains.

champs navy 4 champs navy 1champs navy 9 champs navy 10champs navy 2 champs navy 3champs navy 8champs navy 11 champs navy 6 champs navy 5champs navy 7Sincerely,

Your Fashion Attendant