Just Jump Out Of It

Being a flight attendant for more than 5 years made me feel secure at 40.000 ft (as high as possible). there is something amazing in this experience. Seeing the world from above, you truly realize the feeling of freedom. Getting out of your comfort zone, makes you strong enough to fight all your fears. On a higher altitude you have the change of a different perspective in order to rearrange your thoughts and opinions.

To be honest green is not an easy color and only flatters pale skin complexions. But even though I had my doubts, I chose to escape from the safe way. All I needed it was a simple jump (and many more after that) to feel comfort in my greens. The spring collection of Nautica consists of a wide palette of pale hues. Persian green, lime yellow , coral pink, sky blue are some the basics. Beautiful colors, nice fit and the softest texture are more that enough to love Nautica’s new collection. Nautica does not mean ships and boats, Nautica does not mean white – red – blue. Nautica means shades of new colors and comfort while wearing it jumping in it.

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Outfit Details
Total outfit by Nautica
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Jewelry: Moutsatsos

Photos by tsegboy


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