Conscious Fashionism

Fashion doesn’t need colors or trends, fashion doesn’t need patterns and special shapes. All it needs is statements. Statements strong enough to make fashion known, to define time and space, to embody beliefs and ideas and to endure through the years. They were there in an abandon place, a place wrecked and forgotten. A place with no life, no colors and no function. Ruined yet so stunning. Demolished bricks and rusty metals, yet so attractive. They were dressed in nude colors, total beige for him and off white and green for her. Neat and simple. They were standing still. Movements and poses were not necessary. They were consciously unconscious.

There are times that fashion speaks by itself. Fashion has a voice against poverty, injustice, pollution. H&M conscious collection is all about sustainable fashion choices, that are good for the people and the planet. H&M conscious collection is not only for conscious customers, but for sensible people. Amazing clothes with a meaningful history. Not just fabrics with prints, but statements, statements of responsibility and elegance. H&M conscious exclusive ’15 takes extravagant clothing on another lever. A conscious one.

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Both outfits by H&M Conscious Exclusive ’15
Accessories: H&M
Shoes (Geena): H&M
Shoes (Harris): Marks & Spencer

Model: Gina Mamaki
Photos by Dimitris Lks


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