Denim United

Layering denim on denim isn’t rocket science, but in order to look good, there are few rules to follow. Starting by never matching same shades of denim together, you need to give a variety of shades on your outfit, preferably using darker hues on the bottom of the outfit (personal opinion). Use a solid color to give a more vivid look. Roll up, button up, undo a couple of buttons and generally play with your outfit. Denim on denim is a fashion code for something fresh and modern. Do not overdo it, do not use denim accessories, like hats, scarves and ties (a denim bowtie is a temptation I can’t say no to). And definitely do not combine your total denim outfit with another person’s outfit – like Britney and Justin back in the ’00s. 😉

Both denim items and the reddish sweater are from the summer collection of Esprit. I love the wooden buttons on the shirt and its darker hued patches fabric. Details that highlight the denim color. The funny thing is that the buttons are matching with the background in this particular outfit, but Esprit can totally match with a great taste of style. What else can you ask for an #everydayamazing outfit.esprit 2esprit-11esprit 6 esprit 7esprit 18esprit 4 esprit 5esprit 14 esprit 10 esprit 8

Total outfit: Esprit
Shoes: Adidas Superstar
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Jewelry: Moutsatsos

Photos by tsegboy


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