Shorts On The Beach

Every time I am thinking of short pants, sweet memories overflow my mind. I don’t know why shorts reminds me of my childhood. There is one thing I know for sure, shorts made my early life easier. Grabbing a pair of them and a T-shirt was the first thing, when I was waking up during summer holidays. Over-knee shorts is boyish, playful and cute. Some might say that it’s not skinny-guys’ appropriate, but if comfort and carelessness is what you’re looking for, then shorts is the answer on a hot summer day.

Years may have passed by since those summer days, but still a walk on the beach with friends is enough to have some fun and act as a kid. And so we did! We posed, we laughed, we got our first tan and gave Sunday a different meaning. A refreshing one! Just like the old days (I sound like a grandpa). Going for coffee is usual, wearing jeans is ordinary, but that Sunday we weren’t that kind of guys. Shorts combine comfort and ease and, if you add some color, then an amazingly soft variety by Manetti would accompany your summer days! Over the knee shorts by Manetti are great with shirts, sweaters and tees and you can find details on their official site! And remember, the right pair of shorts makes you attractive to gilrs – ask our blond friend! :)

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Boys’ outfits by Man & Manetti summer collection ’15
Espadrilles: Man & Manetti
Eyewear: Panaidis Eyewear Boutique (Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo)
Giota’s necklace: Gkiokan Karad Boutique

Models: Giota Petrisi, Konstantinos Lykakis & Kostas Nazlidis
Styling: Odysseas Provatas
Photos by Dimitris Lks


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